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Good health is more than genetics, it is the byproduct of the choices you make, how you live life and how you take care of you.


Come, Experience the Difference Integrated BodyWRX makes!


Georgia Licensed and Insured Massage Therapist --Since 1992

Deb Jackson is results driven. She works to relieve or eliminate chronic pain conditions, while educating and empowering clients to contribute to their own wellbeing. Ultimately, Deb's goal is to lead her clients to a position of no-longer-needing her services!

Her unique, intuitive, individualized and integrated-therapeutic bodywork is tailored to meet the individual’s needs using a combination of techniques drawn from the many modalities she has been trained and certified in. Many, but not all are listed below:

Structural BodyworkMedical massage, 

Deep Tissue massage, Sports massage, 

Neuromuscular therapy, Reflexology,

KinesiologyCraniosacral Work,

Breath Work, TMJ Work

Mind-Body Connection Theory,

Swedish massage, Qi Gong,

Myofascial Connective Tissue Work,

Lymphatic Drainage,

Aromatherapy, and Canine massage.

Health Betterment Coach

Deb places great emphasis on client education; teaching self-help skills in conjunction with, understanding cause and effect of what is occurring within the body. Nutritional and exercise knowledge is often shared based on information retrieved from the client's body. Deb has gathered a vast amount of dietary knowledge from a variety of classes and self-education explorations. 

Location: Deb maintains a private, office space on Bells Ferry Rd. (convenient to I-575), in Kennesaw; where she sees clients on Tuesdays, Thursdays and alternate Saturdays. 

By Appointment Only

Outcall Appointments are scheduled on Wednesdays, Fridays and alternate Saturdays  :: ​You must have your own massage table set-up and ready when Deb arrives for your session; so all she needs to do is open her bag of organic therapeutic oils and begin your bodywork. 

By Appointment Only

Rates: $50 per thirty (30) minutes.

Additional travel fees apply; subject to time and distance traveled.

These Are Things You Will NOT Find In Deb’s Office:

1.       A secretary –you will only deal with Deb and you will not be constantly hounded to book an appointment or reminded a dozen times by a robo-computer, marketing-program about your upcoming appointment.

2.       No Credit Cards, No Insurance, Cash Only.  Once reliability has been established, a personal check will be accepted. Payment is due at time of service.

Why doesn’t Deb take insurance you ask? She has noted that those who pay cash for services rendered are 90% more likely to do the requested and assigned homework; thereby yielding outstanding results in 90% more clients achieving their desired outcomes.

Deb’s practice does not take insurance, nor does she keep Electronic Records; preserving your Private Information! You can’t hack what’s not available to hack!

3.       Waiting and especially Long Wait Periods is something you will rarely, if ever experience.

4.       Shortened Hours: Many therapists advertise an hour and then only give you 50-minutes

You will receive your full 60 or 90 minutes --time starts when you're on the table.

Deb Jackson is results driven. She works to relieve or eliminate chronic pain conditions, while educating and empowering clients to contribute to their own wellbeing. Ultimately, Deb's goal is to lead her clients to a position of no-longer-needing her services!  

With this outcome in mind...  

Deb has chosen to only work with those she feels she can make a difference for.  Her belief is no single technique, therapist or doctor is for every person and the challenge in finding a good health care provider or therapist, is finding one who thinks and works in ways you are comfortable with while identifying your individual needs. 


Deb requires a telephone consultation to make sure she can benefit you before scheduling an appointment

Call Deb for your confidential, no obligation, consultation at:  



Integrated BodyWRX

Benefits and Conditions 


Therapeutic Bodywork refers to a collection of approaches with a common goal of increasing comfort, increasing range of motion –while relieving, reducing pain and improving the way the body functions. 

Therapeutic Bodywork: 

Calms the nervous system

Increases blood & lymph circulation

Stretches connective tissue

Reduces and can aid in the removal of chronic pain

Improves skin tone

Relieves cramps & spasms

Increases flexibility & range of motion

Speeds recovery from illness & injury

Strengthens the immune systems

Reduces edema (swelling)

Improves posture

Reduces tension headaches & migraines

Reduces mental stress

Improves concentration 

Promotes better sleep

Reduces depression

Increases awareness of the mind-body connection

Provides a sense of harmonious unity

Yields a relaxed state of awareness

Increased strength & awareness

Aids in recovery from negative touch

and more.




Chronic Pain & Recovery from nose-to-toes;

no matter your muscular woes!

From Headaches to Migraines to back-pain, as well as all other forms of chronic pain... rusty joints; wrists, elbows, shoulders, hips, knees --all the way down to your toes.  Integrated BodyWRX facilitates the body's recuperative capacities to balance itself from a variety of issues. Including, but not limited to: Pre & Post Surgical conditions, Sports Injuries, Digestive Issues, Anxiety, Grief, PTSD and more...



Call Deb for your confidential, no obligation, consultation at: 



What People are Saying

Deb Jackson, LMT

Professional Recommendations -&- Client Testimonial Reference Letters

::  1992 – 2019  ::

After reading the range of recommendations from massage-school instructors, former employers and client testimonials –it doesn’t take long to discover the inherent continuity, which gives rise to a myriad of disciplines, modalities and alternative measures --characterizing 'HOW’ Deb serves and assists a diverse clientele to achieve their desired outcomes.

Deb's alternative-measures manage to combine client needs while introducing educational and self-help skills; establishing a platform of understanding, relative to ‘the cause-and-effect’ that will occur or is occurring within their body and a basis for what is possible to achieve. 

Here are just some of the commonly expressed outcomes underscored throughout the majority of recommendations and testimonials:

Therapeutic Bodywork :: Clients reported reduced pain, physical and emotional release; while some avoided invasive and non-invasive surgery. The majority of clients found they ingested less toxic, pain medications –while learning and incorporating Breath Work, and Mind-Body Connection techniques into their day-to-day routine, which helped maintain their improved wellbeing.

Specializing in Chronic Pain & Recovery :: While the majority of clients reported a reduction in pain and opioid use; their symptoms of depression and anxiety reduced as well.  The outcomes derived were contributed also by the client’s willingness to research –then incorporate, Deb’s encouraged “HOMEWORK” exercises, diet and/or alternative, natural/organic supplements and teas.

Open & Honest Communications :: Complemented by a Keen Gift of Intuition & Humor 

Coined by clients over the past 27 years: 

A gifted-healer –that gets right-to-the-point'

As the website designer of this site, I was graciously afforded the opportunity to experience a massage by Deb Jackson.

Deb's techniques and unique abilities to tune in, intuitively speaking; to combining organic essential oils, dry sense of humor and a bit of homework --totally mirrors the name of her practice, "Integrated BodyWRX".  

Over the following week my vitality, range of motion, clarity of mind, sense of calm and mindfulness increased exponentially!  

Although I've been blessed to receive massages since a young girl from instructors certifying massage therapists in the prestigious East Lincoln Park, (Chicago) I am delighted with Deb's caliber of expertise. 

This 67 years-young gal, highly recommends Deb and I so look forward to more sessions, as well.  A Gifted Healer --for whom I extend my gratitude.

Kim Knapp


Got Questions? 

Leave Deb a message:  404-583-6212

Serving North Metro Georgia

(I-575 Kennesaw to Jasper)

Preparation for Massage

Get the most out of your massage by following the suggested guidelines:

  • Schedule appointment at least 2 - 3 days in advance :: Give yourself something to look forward to instead of trying to cram it in at the last minute

  • Arrive on Time :: Remove late energy from rushing for your appointment 

  • Inform Deb of any medications or health conditions

  • Bring your toothbrush & paste; brush your teeth before your session so you will not be self-conscious about your breath. While in the bathroom, go ahead and blow your nose and complete any potty needs.

    • Don't worry about your legs; Deb doesn't care if you shaved or not​

    • Spit out your gum; prevent choking on the table

    • Remove all of your jewelry and store in a safe place

    • Turn off your cell phone

    • When undressing, remove all your clothing --including undergarments to allow for a more flowing session. You will be covered by sheets and your modesty will be protected at all times.

  • Unplug your Brain, Tune into your body and Breathe. Oxygen is the most important component of spasm release; so the more you breathe during your session, the more you will relax and release.

  • Be sure to Drink Plenty of Water Before and After your session. Massage releases toxins stored in the tissues. Water helps to flush the toxins from the body so they can be eliminated. 

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